I am not offering foundation training in 2018.

Please contact Tanja Meyburgh (Cape Town) and Gail Wrogemann and Sonja Simak (Johannesburg) if you are interested in doing the training. I do offer advanced modules. Contact me for further information.

This training is open to anybody who wants to get a deeper understanding of their family system and how dynamics in the family impact on his or her life. This is an experiential training with the focus on personal healing and self development.

The aim of the training is to give participants an in-depth exposure to family constellations. While most of the time is spent on practical work, the focus is also on the theoretical background of family constellations. Participants gain a better understanding of the role and place they have in their own family and how this impacts on other relationships. Topics that will be explored include family scripts and patterns, intergenerational dynamics, balance between giving and taking in relationships, loyalties in systems, the phenomena of representational perception, and the impact that major life events (like early death of a parent or child, war, displacement, emigration, abuse, neglect, etc) have on families and individuals

The foundation training is open to all. It will be of special interest to psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, therapists, coaches, alternative healers, and counsellors who want to get more insight into the dynamics prevalent in their lives, and to gain a deeper understanding of their clients. This course does not qualify participants to facilitate family constellations, but those who wish to become facilitators need a foundation training before doing advanced training.

  • Two three day modules
  • Four full day open workshops with a SCASA accredited facilitator are a requirement as well

For information regarding the foundation training, as well as requirements to become a facilitator, advanced training modules, open workshops, etc. please contact Karin. An application form will then be sent to you.


This is a post graduate training and is open to psychologists, social workers, doctors, therapists, healers, coaches, educators, etc. who have finished the foundation training. It involves the following:

  • 10 days advanced training modules with an accredited trainer
  • 6 hours individual supervision with an accredited supervisor
  • 25 hours peer groups

Workshops with Karin Huyssen (and some of the other trainers) are CPD accredited for psychologists and counsellors registered with the HPCSA. At the end of the advanced training you will receive a certificate which enables you to register with the the Systems Constellations Association of South Africa (SCASA) as a family constellations facilitator.

Graduates agree to always work within their scope of practice and adhere to the ethical rules set out by SCASA.

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Examples of elective modules of the advanced training (others will be added)

1)    Family or systems constellations in individual sessions (Karin Huyssen)

2)    How to work with trauma in constellations (Karin Huyssen)

3)    The inner family: how to work with inner parts in constellations (Karin Huyssen)

4)    Using systemic thinking in schools: ECL enhancing children’s learning (Janet Goldblatt)

5)    Organisational Constellations (Gail Wrogemann)

6)    Love Relationships (Tanja Meyburgh)

7)    Parents and children (Tanja Meyburgh)