I am a Family and Systems Constellations facilitator, trainer and supervisor. I offer offer open workshops, training workshops, closed constellations groups and individual constellations.

Family Constellations has its roots in psychotherapy and indigenous healing traditions. It is a therapeutic modality- and a way of life. It encourages and facilitates connection, inclusion and acknowledgement of who we are, where we come from and where we can find a place of belonging.

Clients work on their own issues, usually in a group context. What comes to light during constellations are the complex family dynamics, hidden loyalties, and unconscious patterns of behaviour, which influence our lives and often create crises and unhappiness. There are certain events in the life of a family system that can have an impact – even a few generations later. Examples include wars, displacements, illness, death of a child, early loss of parents, emigration, etc. The effects of such trauma on a family system can be explored and acknowledged.

We gain a deeper understanding of the way unhelpful patterns have developed, usually out of an unconscious loyalty towards an excluded or forgotten family member or traumatic event. Constellation therapy creates the opportunity to let go of those burdens which do not belong to us, and make peace with what does belong. Fortunately we do not only “inherit” our ancestors trauma, but also their strength, reliance and love – resources we can access in the healing process. 

A wide range of issues can be addressed through Family Constellations, including, relationship difficulties, work problems, physical illnesses, dealing with the effects of abuse, feelings of not belonging, depression, and anxiety. 

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