As a clinical clinical psychologist and psychotherapist I have a keen interest in the way we relate to each other and the world. How can we connect in meaningful ways? How can we deal with past and present trauma? How can we prepare children to live in a future that seems so uncertain? How do we get out of destructive relationships? How can we cope when the demands of life seem too much? What do we do when our own thoughts turn against us and we become our own worst enemies?

These and many other questions bring people to therapy and I assist individuals, couples and families through difficult times. In my practice I offer a safe, comfortable space to explore, reflect, or just be.

Some problems can be resolved quickly, with a hands-on solution focused approach. My experience as an occupational therapist and my training in various brief therapeutic modalities has taught me to look at difficulties in a very pragmatic way.

Other problems require a very different approach. For lasting change we often need to allow for more time to work through painful issues that have lead to self-limiting patterns of behaviour. I accompany people through deep and difficult (but rewarding!) journeys with compassion and kindness – and many years of clinical experience.

Ek is volledig drietalig en praat graag Afrikaans.

Meine Muttersprache ist Deutsch, und ich biete Therapie und Seminare auch in Deutsch an.


Practice Details

33 Herte Street, Stellenbosch, 7600



For enquiries about therapy: 083 3061613

For appointments Tel: 021 883 2496 or 065 8710058 


Email: karin.huyssen@icloud.com